This Thursday, Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD), is a great opportunity to talk to your colleagues about digital access and inclusion, and to learn about how to help those with different disabilities and needs.

To help promote and celebrate the day, I’ve come up with the automated banner-link you see above.

Please give it a try, and give me feedback!

Global Accessibility Awareness Day happens on the third Thursday of May each year. The widget automatically appears 10 days before, and disappears 5 days after (configurable). It shows the correct date each year — all thanks to Datejs.

The widget requires zero configuration by default. Here are the two lines to include on your site (thanks unpkg and RawGit):

<div id="id-gaad-widget"></div>

<script src="[email protected]#._.js"></script>

It can be configured, and already features basic translation. Do give it a try, and vote for new features via the wishlist.

It is compatible with all modern browsers, and with Internet Explorer 9-11.

And, it’s open source.

Happy GAAD!


9th June ~ gaad-widget is now available via the NPM registry. Version 2.1 Beta features a different after-event message, a French translation, and an iCal calendar file ;). (Force display.)

1st July 2017 ~ Version 3.1.0 Beta ~ adopted Browserify, and switched from a Datejs include, to a lookup of JSON embedded in the Javascript. This reduces the non-minified Javascript size from 55 to 8 kilobytes (yay!) 💓

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