Review: Lainey Feingold: Accessibility Convincing - WebAIM

I had some spare time today, so watched Lainey Feingold: Accessibility Convincing. Web Accessibility In Mind Conference – V. good talk, which I think counts towards CAECs for IAAP.

Lot’s of useful points she made. “#2 Do understand who you’re convincing and speak their language” – Lainey made the point, for example, pharmacists care about safety, so access(ibility) is safety - Braille labels on medicine, or side-effects published in an accessible format on a website are about patients/customers not being made sick or worse. Access(ibility) is security for Web developers – not having to share your password with someone just to log into a site, etc. Accessibility is privacy/security for bankers.

Lainey also said, “DO talk about the law as a civil right” and DO use ethics … and DO use kindness – which I thought was particularly interesting :wink:

Also some good questions at the end, one of which led her to mention the Procure Access initiative led by Disability:IN. Some big names have signed up to the statement – Microsoft, Google, JP Morgan, Salesforce … Twitter (interesting!)

I hope this is useful! :+1::skin-tone-2:

(Oh, and Techshare Pro / Barclays got a mention!)

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