Introducing ... Open Media Player

I’m very happy to announce that we have released Open Media Player (formerly called OU Media Player), as a free/open source project. It has been our intention for a while to make the code open source, and we were finally able to plan in the time to make it happen.

Open Media Player

Why open source?

We decided to open source because:

  1. Open Media Player aspires to the highest levels of accessibility, while being a mainstream player - a fairly unique proposition;

  2. We adopt a service-based approach, where the player is kept separate from the audio/video files, and the web sites it is embedded in. This aids maintenance, feature roll-out and is again a unique selling point;

  3. To help drive innovation;

  4. Principle – it fits in with the Open University’s mission - open to people, places and ideas;

  5. Educational – help others learn from our best-practices and our mistakes.

We’ve done a lot of work to make the Player straightforward to install, and hopefully understand. installation via Composer is as simple as copying and pasting this at a terminal:

    composer create-project iet-ou/open-media-player --no-dev -sdev --prefer-dist

Some of the highlights of version 2 of Open Media Player:

  • New embeddable, themed YouTube player
  • Configurable site layout and authentication
  • Composer adopted, code-base re-factored into sub-packages
  • Upgraded to MediaElement.js 2.17.0 2.18.1
  • Improved player user-interface in high-contrast (ignore colours) mode

And, lots more!



Open Media Player

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