Sunday 22nd October 2017 will be the twentieth International Stuttering Awareness Day (ISAD), an initiative jointly founded by the European League of Stuttering Associations, the International Fluency Association, and the International Stuttering Association.

ISAD serves an important purpose in explaining the speech disorder, also called stammering, which affects 1% of the population across the world, and which is still often mis-understood.

After my recent work on a GAAD-widget, I thought I’d do my bit by creating a banner link that can be added easily to a web site, and that appears for a pre-determined period before and after the day (22nd October each year).

See the code on NPMJS and GitHub. It can be embedded on a page with the following two lines of HTML — it requires zero configuration by default:

<div id="isad-widget"></div>

<script src="^1#._.js"></script>

(Thanks unpkg!)

I’m keen to find ways to help users to put the banner-link on thair site. (Unfortunately, not all users who are “authors” on a website will have permission to insert Javascript.)

This version is very basic. I thought I’d get it out, and gauge the response.

I’d love to hear whether you think it’s useful, and what features you’d like. (Force display.)

Some ideas I’ve had:

  • Better visual design (I’m not a designer!)
  • Methods for easier installation, for example, a WordPress plugin,
  • Configurable number of days before and after,
  • Support for multiple languages,
  • Add publicity for the ISAD conference (e.g. “Conference day 2”)
  • … ?

Note, the code is released under the open-source MIT license.

Please feedback via the comments, to @nfreear on Twitter, and on Facebook.

The widget - link to ISAD


6 October 2017 ~ I added support for configurable parameters, including the option to link to the BSA, not ISA.

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